There's so much more we can do

Moving on to introduce the owner of this very website, the Mockguffin themselves. I go by a lotta names, but you can call me Serena, Lychee or Poison. You can switch or stick to one! I don't mind either.

You might know me for one thing I created, or know me as some fan artist you probably recognized before. When in reality, I fixate very inconsistently throughout the years, so much so that I would need at least 5 interests for my brain to work well.

Now for how I got into Neocities, it was through my friends, then it slowly became a series of me falling in love with the creativity the users have in their own funky little websites! Neocities also reawakened my love for coding HTML and its level of freedom to code however you want for your site to look like - no matter how many times you edit - has been quite encouraging.

When it comes to my interests, I don't really talk nor open up about them as much, especially if they're deemed odd to the majority. Then again, that's kinda one of the reasons why I hopped into creating Neocities! In here, you'll find things you never knew I'm actually into, pages dedicated to my self-indulgence, even detailed information of my own creations!

So without further ado, have fun navigating!

TIP: When you're in the Writing or Links section and you wish to navigate back here, click the images/gifs showcased. Even that pink Serena icon beside this box will navigate you back to the main index.

IMPORTANT: If some images can't load, try refreshing the page multiple times until it shows up! I apologize if it's too much, there's just a lot of things I like to put here.