We can do a little trolling

Here's a funny history of my persona that can be summed up to one sentence:

I kept shapeshifting until I found my main form.

Luscinia "Lychee" Crossbones

The face of everything this owner has to offer. I've gone through a montage of redesigns and scrapped appearances until I found this form in 2023, and I really really like it! Fits how I feel about myself in general.

Despite my main form complete, there are times where I feel more comfortable going through a lot of forms and transforming into many kinds of species. You wouldn't even know how often I've been posing as different personas in multiple cases. I lost count! I supposed I just really like being Everything At Once.

But a discontinued identity comes with a great cause.

When I mentioned going through an era of redesigns, it means a few of Lychee's "older personas" were fortunate enough to become separate entities of themselves. In fact, they are completely unrelated to Lychee and do not know Lychee exist. These "older personas" were temporary transformations that didn't feel right for me... the feeling got so strong, a rift happened between me and my own self. And when that happens, I had to watch my other self go through their life in the speed of light, witnessing their journey flash before my eyes, far away where they will never get to me; The Void.

Only Lychee receives the right to hop from universe to universe. The seperate entities don't know Lychee's existence unless they show themself in front of them.

But of course, only I can make that happen. And it happens once in a blue moon.