This is just the beginning!
Let's Get Typing

Here we have a place where I write things I'm very passionate about. It can be opinions, AU concepts, analysis, one shots, anything. Shit's still empty here but I'll get to writing them eventually. My personal writing are (or will be) placed neatly here, a nice cozy library where you're free to drink your favorite bevearage.

I put my fanfics in AO3, which is simply named, Gabena. I also go by @gabenascave on Tumblr, although I don't have any fics posted there yet, not until I actually have more than five or so to mass post at least soooo... eh, it can wait. My writing has been pretty stale since I haven't written a single fic in forever, which is why I'm here to revive that. Let's see if I still have the streak...


Article List

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