Here's a lil' something about me...

Hello! My name is Serena. I’m a passionate artist who loves to draw for my own enjoyment, and wishes to pursue my journey to an artistic path. I jump from franchise to franchise so my interests mix up a lot.

You see those stamps at the left? Please feel free to call me by their names as well, they’re just as relevant! I like referring to myself as certain pre-existing characters because why not? Calling them Ultimate Projections feels right for me, I don't see it as kinning at all. I somewhat don't mind doubles but if you're not fine with it then I have to kindly ask you to leave now. That aside, I would like to showcase my own universe concepts here too.

Vocoverse is what I like to call my own creations with universes left and right, from fanmade to original. As of now, I have four main mini-verses, because canon is never enough. You can only see the Vocoverse link navigation in the homepage and in here.

I don’t welcome people who radiate bad weirdo vibes that everyone would usually stay away from. I’m an independent fan, a separate entity, so don’t associate me with fandoms/fanbases I literally rant a lot about them whenever I get the chance, but that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to maliciously engage me in petty dramas or the like.

I've already mastered inconsistency

In here, you will get to know my main interests in one go. I thought it'd be nice to list them all here. :) If you want a full list of things I adore and love (and perhaps things I despite and hate), there's a page for that; my large stamp collection! I'm only listing my ultamite main comforts here because I have a LOT to unpack for that alone.

Interests: Pokemon, Cookie Run, Ben 10, Tekken, PvZ, rhythm games, Vaporwave, pop art, citycore, casino aesthetics, boujees, anything royal or princess-esque, dollcore, webcore, candies and sweets, girly shit, lovecore.

Comforts: Chloe Cerise, Marnie, Calem, Selene, Josie Rizal, Miguel, Lei Wulong, Ludwig Von Koopa, Bowser Jr., Double Trouble, Lila Rossi, Chess Choco Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Klee, Scorpion Cookie, Sour Belt Cookie, Chocolate Bonbon Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Tails Doll, Himiko Toga

Likes: SkaterGirlShipping, spicy noodles, sweets, boba tea, self-indulgent content, Self-insert/OC X Canon, rarepairs, subverted tropes, giving mixed signals (sometimes), noirette characters, the color pink, giving love to my blorbos, goth girls, thick eyebrows, muscly hunk characters, big/thicc stuff in general

Dislikes: Overly done tropes + shit execution, rabid fans/haters, specific fanservice, certain canonxcanon ships, hardcore canonxcanon shippers, canonxcanon in general (especially the overly popular ones), Selene's mistreatment *glares at Pokeani!Serena*, 3D modeling, dumb-dumb humor, shaved eyebrows, NFTs, blonde characters (for some reason), barfos